Amitec RF Antenna Trainer ATS05


Technical Specifications:


PLL Synthesized RF Transmitter/Receiver


Output Freq.                :           100-850 MHz PLL stabilized

Interval             :           50 MHz

Accuracy                      :           0.01%

Attenuator                    :           40dB internal switchable

Output Z                     :           75 ohms

Input Frequency           :           100-850 MHz PLL synthesized

Step size                       :           0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1 & 10 MHz

Accuracy                      :           0.01%

Display                         :           16X2 Backlit LCD

Control button              :           Menu, Enter, Escape, Up &Down

Memory                       :           1000 individual frequencies & levels can be stored/recalled

Measurements :           RF level measurement in dBuV with 0.1dB resolution

Dynamic range :           110 dB (70 log +          40dB attenuator)

Input Z                         :           75 ohm

Speaker                       :           Inbuilt for Audio output

RS232 interface            :           Easy connectivity to PC for polar plotting using software

Auto mode                   :           Data logging for antenna polar plots for interfacing with                                                  stepper (Optional).


Antenna Types

1)         Monopole                                            2)         Dipole X2

3)         Folded Dipole                                      4)         Yagi(3el)

5)         Yagi (4el)                                             6)         Biconical

7)         Discone                                                8)         Sleeve

9)         Slot                                                      10)       End fire

11)       Broad side                                            12)       Whip

13)       Square Loop                                        14)       Patch

15)       V antenna


N.B. A total of any 15 antennas can be provided as per university syllabus.


Antenna Kit

The antenna kit is provided with built-in broad band 1:1 Balun and with flexible antenna wire, to enable students to construct their own antennas and obtain their polar plots also.


Directional Coupler

Return Loss Bridge is provided with 1 GHz frequency response and high directivity for antenna VSWR measurements.



RS232 interface with polar plotting with log, linear cartesian and polar plots, Multiple pattern overlay, Double cursor, Zoom, Colour editing, 1000 location editor, Absolute/Relative, 3dB/10dB beam-width, Gain, Front to back, Side lobe level and position, Plot rotate, File- edit, save, get.




1)         Adjustable Non-conductive stands for mounting transmitter and receiving Antenna.

2)         Sniffer probe

3)         All necessary connectors & Teflon RF cables.

4)         User manual                 5)         Software CD